An enlightened, tolerant and progressive society


To advance knowledge, skills and competence for pro-poor development


We strive to accomplish our mission through intervening in the following areas

Basic Education

Education is a process of instilling positive values of tolerance, enlightenment, citizenship and equality in human being. It develops human consciousness and ability for critical analysis. Our efforts to make basic education accessible and effective for every child are focused on the following priority areas;

  • Protecting children`s right to basic education without any discrimination
  • Improving learning outcomes through cognitive development in basic education
  • Promoting management effectiveness of basic education through decentralization


Youth Empowerment

Empowered youth is the pivotal force to transform a society. Young people need emotional and psychosocial support to protect them and to deal with the challenges associated with adolescent age. Our areas of intervention for youth empowerment include

  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
  • Life Skills Based Education (LSBE)
  • Social inclusion and re-integration of marginalized youth
  • Youth leadership, entrepreneurship and active citizenship skills

Good Governance

Education prospers in a democratic society, where public institutions are effective, efficient and responsive. Our areas of intervention are as follows

  • Transparency in public institutions through promotion of `Right to Information`
  • Social accountability
  • Civic participation in decision making process