Project Description

Funding Partner: USAID – Citizens` Voice Project (through TDEA and The Asia Foundation)

Duration: 2015-16 (12 Months)

Location: District Quetta

Project Description:

The project is dedicated to advocate for `Right to Information` legislation in Balochistan through engagement with government departments, legislators, civil society and media. The project is also developing knowledge to inform evidence-based policy advocacy. This will include gauging knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of government, civil society and media regarding citizens’ oversight of government through access to information, the existing FOI framework in Balochistan and the need for RTI legislation. The project will also review the current FOI law in Balochistan and will compare it with RTI legislation in Punjab and KP in order to identify gaps and prepare a policy brief containing recommendations for reform.

The objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. To facilitate citizens’ oversight of government departments through access to information;
  2. To lobby with policymakers for the enactment of a Right to Information law in Balochistan;
  3. To create public awareness of the need for a Right to Information law in Balochistan.