Project Description

Funding Partner: USAID – Citizens` Voice Project (through TDEA and The Asia Foundation)

Duration: 2013-14 (15 Months)

Location: District Quetta

Project Description:

The project aimed to increase responsiveness of government institutions mainly education to the citizens’ demand for fair, transparent, accountable and corruption free public service delivery. To enhance citizen`s awareness, the project launched a mass awareness campaign about article 19-A, and to ensure that every citizen shall have the right to have access to information in all matters of public importance. The project contributed to put in place mechanisms and tools that enabled stronger citizen oversight and two-way communication. It led to have a better and well informed citizenry for improved coordination mechanisms at the provincial level. In order to achieve the objectives of the project, it built capacity of anti-corruption departments and provided institutional support to ombudsman in the province. Project duration was 15 months (December 2012 to March 2014) and was implemented in district Quetta.

Project Goal;

“To increase responsiveness of Government institutions to citizens’ demand for fair, transparent, accountable and corruption free public service delivery mechanism in Balochistan.”


  1. To build capacity of the anti-corruption departments and ombudsman office of Baluchistan to effectively contribute to a transparent and accountable public service delivery mechanism,
  2. To create awareness among the people about the article 19-A and RTI to raise voice for corruption-free public service delivery mechanism.
  3. To improve complaints redress mechanisms through engaging various stakeholders for reducing the incidents of corruption.
  4. To support, strengthen and establish a civil society organizations body to practice transparent management system and promote accountability within their organizations.